Who we are

We are a telemedical high-tech startup and make it possible for you, to submit your records to reknown experts to get a second opinion. We come from an academic research incubator and receive legal, contentual and financial benefits through research and innovation programs from the Austrian government in the European Union.

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Our experts

We are renowned specialists from excellent universities with multiannual expertise and top publications in our field of knowledge. To become an expert, a minimum amount of 100 operations / interventions annually has to be performed. Our expert knowhow has to be validated independently, either through habilitation or comparable research work and teaching.

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What we do

We offer a second opinion for you, without the need to consult us in person. Subsequently, you save time and expenses for travelling and you benefit from our expertise. You can send us your findings and records and we offer a written report, which we can discuss with each other via phone.

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Fields of knowledge

At the moment we offer knowledge in specific specialist fields and soon we will be able to provide help for all essential medical and scientific subspecialities.


Go for an early second opinion. An early diagnosis is crucial to prevent further damage. You learn, if your tretament option is evidence based. Many operations are unnecessary and mistreatment is avoidable.


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Phone: +43 316 908204-0
Fax: +43 316-908204-20

E-Mail: info@xmedx.com